Now a days everybody wants to listen to his heartbeat. Obviously, this is very common. This article explains in detail how to accomplish this easily.Well, listening to heart beat can be done in two ways.You can use either stethoscope or other listening devices such as fetal Doppler which is used to hear baby’s heart beat. The other way is using your ears to listen to the heart beat.General people may not have access to stethoscope or other hearing aids.So,in that case listening to heart beat with ears is the good.

Here, we will discuss how to hear your heart beats effectively with the help of a stethoscope.

  1. The very first step is checking the tube of the stethoscope to ensure it does not have any cracks and wipe the ear pieces with little bit of alcohol or other cleansing liquids.
  2. Put the earpieces into your ears properly so that they will fit well. There is a curve in the earpiece.Make sure that it lies parallel to the outer curve of your ear. However, it should not be aligned perpendicular to the ear.
  3. The chest piece of the stethoscope should be held properly and firmly in your hand.
  4. Simply the rub the chest piece of the device smoothly.This is done to make it warm before placing it directly on the skin of your chest.
  5. If you want to hear the heart beat then place the chest piece two inches above the left nipple.
  6. You must hold it properly with your index and middle fingers.
  7. The stethoscope must hang free and it should not touch any of your body parts. Listen carefully for a “Lub Dub” sound. Did you listen that?Yes,that is the heart beat and you are done with it!Was not that easy?
  8. If the heart beat is not clear then please pick up the chest piece and place it again.But do not drag it on the chest.

In case you do not have any stethoscope with you then simply place your ear on the person’s chest and if you hear properly then the Lub Dub sound will be audible.

At the end there are some precautions you must take while using the stethoscope:

1.Do not speak through the device.It may damage the hearing.
2.You should hang the stethoscope because if there is any kink it may produce cracks.

Though you can hear the heart beat with ears only, it is not possible to diagnose the heart abnormalities without a stethoscope.

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