Fast heart beat is defined as heart beat rate that is faster than usual. The heart generally beats less than 100 times per minute among adults.In a child the beat rate may be slightly more than 100 but it is considered as normal.  The question is why the increased beat rate occurs?Under normal conditions we are relaxed.But when we do exercise, undergo any panic,worry or anxiety the beat rate increases. It becomes more than the normal rate.

A person with fast heart beat may not have any symptoms.But sometime he may feel something very uncomfortable and some indications.Such indications of fast heart beat can be listed as below:

1.      Palpitations

2.      Sweating at higher rate

3.      Shortness of breathe

4.      Dizziness,nausea and vomiting

5.      Fatigue

6.      Getting tired by small activities

There are many possible causes of fast heart beat. The important causes among all the causes are:

1. Exercise and lifting of heavy materials

2. Worries,fear,pain,anxiety

3. Dehydration

4. Little intake of food or loss of blood.

5. Hypo tension: The blood level in the body is too low.

6. Hyperthyroid:A level is reached when the thyroid hormone in the body becomes too high.

7. Diseases like asthma and anemia,emphysema.

8. Excessive caffeine intake may also lead to fast heart beat rate.

9. Diabetes is also a major cause to increase the beat rate.

10. Peripheral Neuropathy:Damages the nerve attached to heart so that heart beat rate increases.

If the problems persists for long time the heart may get damaged and can not pump blood properly. You may be shocked to know that fast heart beat rate due to arrhythmia can lead to death of a person.

To prevent this problem we have to view the cause.The most dangerous thing is that many causes can not be prevented.In that case. In many cases regular exercise is suggested by the doctors. But one must avoid drugs or alcohol to relieve complete from this disorder.Also drinking water and other liquids will reduce dehydration which in turn reduces the increased beat rate.We also have to avoid smoking and chewing tobacco to overcome this disorder completely.

The speed of heart beat can always be checked with ears or stethoscope.So, you must consult a good doctor if the problem is diagnosed within you.Regularly follow the advice given by the doctor and it is not difficult to get rid of fast beat rate.

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